Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Hunger Games

Thanks to the Foxx for hosting the April BC.  El Jefe heard it was lovely.  Rumor has it:  chicken pot pies (gotta assume with a green salad?) and an apple tart with vanilla ice cream.  Was it lish?  This is so piecemeal!  How much cap can a recap cap if a recap can't be capped?  On to the book...

Our book was first volume in the mega-bestseller Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins.  Courtesy of the Highlander:

"Overall, the book was very well received, with only two holdouts:  Ms. K and Logan's Run.  Most everyone loved the book and, while admitting it was pretty light fare, found it thoroughly creative and engaging. People were sucked in the plot and details, and were eager to get onto the next chapter of the trilogy!  Scores:

El Jefe, via write-in ballot: 9
The Foxx: 8 (loved the book, started it two days before BC and couldn't put it down. Already on to the second book)
The Doctor: 8 (much better than the tween fiction she thought it would be)
Red: 8
Miss Georgia: 8 (nice score…although she thought it was predictable, and written for an 8th grade audience)
Ms. K: 4 (thought it strange that it was written for young people, when she didn't feel the content was necessarily appropriate for young adults. She also thought it lacked originality)
The Highlander: 8.5 (very enjoyable; a book doesn't necessarily have to be a literary masterpiece to be enjoyable)
Logan's Run: 5 (thought it was strange the book has become so cultish; she said a client had taken her children and was SOOO into it, and Logan's Run kept thinking "what did I not get?!")"

Whoa, Highlander--do we have to do the math?!

Katniss Everdeen

Gale Hawthorne

Peeta Melark

Most importantly... which one is hotter?

Our next meeting is Wednesday, May 2.  Dinner assignments and host to be sent in a separate communique.  We are reading The Marriage Plot, by BC favorite Jeffrey Eugenides.  Until next time, read early and often!  xoej

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